We learned a long time ago that advertising is just a small part of the patient acquisition process. In fact, other factors are much more critical to success than a creative ad. Phone intake, staff attitudes, appointment availability, patient flow, customer service, billing, and bedside manner are some elements of the foundation of a healthcare brand experience. Patient-centered practices with good business principles enjoy a much higher marketing ROI. We don’t just advertise; we work alongside doctors and their staff to build better businesses.

We don’t believe in written contracts and haggling. None of our clients are required to sign a contract of any kind. We work earnestly in good faith and on the merits of our work. The creative work we do on behalf of our clients is theirs, and we do not claim creative license. We work hard and expect to be paid on a timely basis. We believe in win-win relationships based on honesty and candid communication. We have made and will make mistakes, but we fix them and strive to do the right thing — always. This philosophy has served us well, with some client relationships measured in decades.

Ironically, our firm does not advertise nor engage in any form of active sales. We have never had to engage in these activities as we spend our time focused on our clients and their needs. This has served us well: our clients get the attention they deserve, and all of our business is referral-based. Our pricing model is fair and simple, so we don’t waste valuable time pricing projects and trying to sell more services. Our fees are very reasonable and, given the practice growth our clients enjoy, self-funding. Making our clients more successful makes our firm successful.

We are exclusive and confidential. Practices that engage with TNG get our attention, dedication, and market exclusivity. We will not compete or help others compete against our clients. We have and will sign NDA’s (non-disclosure agreements). More importantly, we have the common sense and discipline to be discreet and honor our clients’ business matters. We have never been sued corporately or individually for any business practices. We intend to keep it this way!